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Apple of My Eye - The Steve Jobs Musical

Apple of My Eye. Photo courtesy of the Threedumb Theatre.

Threedumb Theatre presents Apple of My Eye: The Steve Jobs Musical. A one-man musical biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at Macready Theatre, Rugby on Tuesday 25 June.



Apple of My Eye is an award-winning one-man musical from Joel Goodman (Alan Turing: A Musical Biography) and performed by Stephen Smith (One Man Poe, Harry’s Christmas, Dog/Actor – OFFIE Award winner for Best Camden Fringe show of 2022). It tells perhaps the greatest ever business start-up story, following the life of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, through musical theatre.


A show about the tech-savvy entrepreneur wouldn’t be complete without a heavy amount of tech thrown in, which is why Apple of My Eye is played against a backdrop of four Apple MacBook computers, each programmed with moving graphics that complement the storytelling. The effect is achieved by four Keynote presentations (Apple’s equivalent to PowerPoint). It should be noted that each MacBook was bought second hand on eBay for about £25 per screen. However, despite it being created with a fringe-scale budget, the final product is designed with the intent to look as slick as any of Jobs’ presentations.

Stephen Smith as Apple founder Steve Jobs. Photo courtesy of Threedumb Theatre.


The script draws inspiration from various interviews, and from his Stanford Commencement Address of 2005. Lacing the story together are 13 songs, which take us through his childhood memories, to him dropping out of college and experimenting with LSD, to creating Apple Computers in his parents’ garage, right up to his untimely death of pancreatic cancer in 2011.



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