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Albany Theatre review: Clinton Baptiste Goes Stratospheric!

Clinton Baptiste goes Stratospheric! Albany Theatre, Coventry, Oct 16 only.

By Ann Evans

Clinton Baptiste, clairvoyant, psychic, medium...well there wasn’t any evidence of that, but I can wholeheartedly say he is one brilliant character.

I’m pretty sure my guest and I at this show were probably the only people who hadn’t heard of him, never having watched Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights TV series. But certainly, the audience – which strangely was predominantly male, were big fans. And Clinton absolutely thrives on audience participation.

The first thing to strike you is the shimmering sequin-studded jump suit, Clinton's long flowing silvery hair, white shoes and sparkly earrings. The second thing is his voice! Not sure what his decibel range is but the startling, high-pitched, squawky voice certainly keeps the audience on their toes.

Clinton’s has his name was up in six-feet high glittering red blocks, each letter movable. And the simple fact of moving a letter now and again, has a hilarious result – just don’t try this at home folks!

But that is the genius of the man behind the sparkle, real name Alex Lowe, who spends half the time on stage recounting anecdotes from his tour in Vegas, with a laugh every few seconds, and the other half overcome by spirits and drawn into the audience to pick on hapless individuals to tell them what they don't want to hear! His act seems so off the cuff, and spontaneous. He thrives on audience reaction and banter, and it is all hugely entertaining and very funny.

I hadn’t seen him before, but I’d certainly see him again. Word of warning, if you’re easily offended then the show probably isn’t for you, especially with the supporting comedian, Mike Cox opening the show. He also has the audience in stitches with his risqué banter and audience participation – whether they want it or not.

All in all, a great night’s entertainment with two full hours of laughter.


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