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A Unique Evening of Indo-Jazz Poetry and Song

Shephali Frost. Photo courtesy of the artist.

East meets West as Indian singer and composer Shephali Frost performs at the Albany Theatre, Coventry on her tour ‘Break the Mould’ on Saturday 2 September.

An internationally renowned musician, poet and soundscape artist, Shephali Frost’s music crosses the boundaries of language, culture, genre and form.

Shephali weaves modern poetry and British jazz with ancient ancestral music from India, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, bringing alive our global cultural heritage from 13th century A.D. to the modern times.

Her Indo-British fusion band, ‘Shephali Frost Ensemble’ is making waves with a unique combination of western and Indian classical music with modern jazz. For this special performance she is joined by an incredible ensemble of six musicians with Susie Hodder Williams on flute, Martin Hathaway on saxophone, Dave Lee on piano and synth, Jonathan Mayer on the sitar, Trevor Taylor on percussion and Aslam Ali on table.

The 'Shephali Frost Ensemble' line-up varies from one concert to another, as does the format and style, with all these wonderful musicians adding to an ever-evolving musical experience to delight their audiences. Recently they have performed at both Wells and Chelmsford Cathedrals.

Shephali is trained in Indian classical music and apart from her Indo-Western repertoire, is renowned internationally for her performance of traditional Urdu poetry in a distinct and much-loved style. In December 2022, she conducted a concert tour in India culminating in the international Urdu festival, Jashn-e-Rekhta in New Delhi.

Shephali is also a well-known poet. She is the author of two books of poetry in Hindi and has just finished writing a book of poetry in English called, ‘New Delhi Nocturne’.

This special evening of indo-jazz poetry and song takes place at 7.30pm, on Saturday 2 September at The Albany Theatre, Coventry. Duration is 1 hour 50 minutes with an interval.

Tickets are from £16.50 and can be purchased at or call 024 7699 8964.


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