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A Delicate Balance

Rehearsal at The Loft Theatre.

A Delicate Balance, by Edward Albee, at The Loft Theatre, Leamington Spa, from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 30 September 2023. Preview.

“Which is Edward Albee’s best play? I’d plump for this one…. it touches on something profound: the secret terror that lurks beneath the bland routines of bourgeois life.” Michael Billington, The Guardian.

Learning the script.

Urban socialites Agnes and Tobias appear to inhabit a glamorous world of drinks parties and social clubs. The return home of their recently divorced daughter, the constant presence of Agnes’ alcoholic sister and the impromptu late-night arrival of some close friends, begin to peel away this veneer.

As their lives become increasingly claustrophobic, the characters battle with their fear of stepping into the real world, opting instead for the undemanding familiarity of their own drawing room.

In rehearsal for A Delicate Balance at The Loft Theatre.

Laced with acerbic wit, A Delicate Balance won Edward Albee his first Pulitzer Prize and followed the success of his breakthrough work Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? One of the great American plays of the 20th Century.

A Delicate Balance is directed by Sue Moore.

The cast:

Harry – Paul Curran

Claire – Leonie Frazier

Agnes – Lorna Middleton

Tobias – Craig Shelton

Julia – Leonie Slater

Edna – Lucinda Toomey.

Behind the scenes:

Lighting design – Joel Hassall

Stage manager – Marsha McDonough

Produced by special arrangement with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC, New York.

For tickets please go to:


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