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Closed Compton Verney opens up its art online

The Compton Verney art gallery might be closed, but there is some outstanding art to be seen online.

The gallery's exhibition Cranach: Artist & Innovator had to close its doors just five days after opening thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, but more than 22,000 people have explored the show digitally.

To see some breathtaking works, go to:

Cranach was born in Germany in around 1472. His work is as daring and vibrant now as it ever was. Not surprisingly he has influenced generations of artists including Picasso.

Compton Verney is now working on other innovative digital initiatives so we can enjoy the gallery during the lockdown.

The first launches tomorrow (April 30) as part of the BBC's #MuseumFromHome initiative.

It's a series of 12 short films, each 60-120 seconds long, exploring the exhibition Fabric: Touch & Identity, which was also forced to close five days after opening.

Fabric explores how the inherent sensuality of all types of material has inspired artists down the centuries, featuring some 20 works, from Compton Verney’s own 1792 Sir Joshua Reynolds painting, Mrs Baldwin in Eastern Dress, to a (believe it or not) bondage suit by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

For details go to:

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