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Chess and Cristina lift the spirit and provide the tonic

May-We-Go-Round, Warwick Arts Centre Studio, March 8 & 9.

This production lives up to its billing as ‘a highly successful collision of dance and comedic theatre’ as two highly talented young women take us for a journey on the merry-go-round of love, lust and parting.

After a slow start the audience are entertained by some very energetic and acrobatic dancing combined with humorous and sentimental monologues and dialogue.

Using music from a variety of genres and covering a range of eras the production is lively, funny, innovative, highly original and inventive.

As we are shown the sad endings of relationships, the friendship and mutual support shown by the two women is sensitively illustrated.

It is perhaps appropriate that I watched this performance on International Women’s Day as I can’t imagine male performers managing to multi task and keep up the dialogue whilst changing clothes and pouring glasses of vodka for members of the audience!

The performers, Chess and Cristina, were also able to improvise, ad lib and engage with a disappointingly small audience. I’m sure the show would have been further enhanced had there been more people for them to feed off.

It a show that both genders and all ages would enjoy and it is very rare for such excellent dancers to also be very accomplished actors as well as being genuinely witty and spontaneous individuals.

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