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Wyrd Sisters at The Loft

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs. The Loft Theatre, Leamington.

From 29 March - 8 April.


“Terry Pratchett takes Shakespeare’s Macbeth and then turns it up until the knobs come off.”

Three witches gathered on a lonely heath. A king cruelly murdered, his throne usurped by his ambitious cousin. A child heir and the royal crown, both missing. The Wyrd Sisters, three witches, don’t have these kinds of leadership problems themselves – in fact, they don’t have leaders.

Granny Weatherwax is the most highly regarded of the leaders they don’t have. But even she finds that meddling in royal politics is a lot more complicated than certain playwrights would have you believe. Particularly when the blood on your hands just won’t wash off...and there’s a Fool who is smarter than he looks.

Directed by Lorna Middleton, this Discworld® comedy is a fun, witty, fantastic adventure for both Pratchett fans and newcomers.


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