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Warwickshire Music's Winter Concert

Photo by Brenda Geisse at Pixabay

Warwickshire Music’s Winter Concert took place at Kings High School, Warwick on Friday 9 December, and completely wowed the packed hall with their performances.

The orchestra is made up from children aged from 12 to 18, featuring Warwickshire Youth String Orchestra, Warwickshire Youth Wind Band, Panissimo and Pandemonium. The latter two being steel drums. And they in particular produced the most musical renditions of pieces such as Stand By Me, Lovely Day, Christmas Winter Wonderland and Deck the Halls. How they could make such incredible sounds from steel drums astounded members of the audience who hadn’t seen them before, such as myself. They were a joy to listen to – and to watch with their impeccable movements and co-ordination. All praise to their leader Fareed Siddique.

The Warwickshire County String Orchestra led by Alison Hawthorne entertained beautifully with some wonderful music including America, Grieg’s Prelude and the Holberg Suite. Finally came the Warwickshire County Wind Band led by Musical Director Richard Hart. They performed three amazing medleys – so around 12 pieces altogether on the themes of Highlights from the Lion King, Frozen and Doyan by Goff Richards. All the teachers were delighted with how the children performed – as for the audiences, we were totally transfixed by the skills of these young musicians and the absolute quality of their music.

Alison Hawthorne said, “The County Strings is my favourite part of the week. The group are so friendly and kind to each other all sharing a love of their instrument and making music together. I have always been impressed by the fantastically rich sound the group make. It sings out and really fills a room. They are playing complicated professional string repertoire and mastering it very well. They respond to the suggestions I make and remember what to do from week to week. As a teacher there is nothing better than a group of students who love what they do and achieve to the top of their ability. It gives me goosebumps when I hear them, and I am so proud of what they do week in week out.”

Richard Hart was equally as delighted by the fabulous performance by Warwickshire County Wind Band, and mentioned that they would be playing for a private event at Warwick Castle to help in the County Sheriff’s fund-raising appeal. Also, the young musicians will be performing future concerts open to the public. Keep an eye on their website for what’s happening in 2023.


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