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Rialto Plaza, Coventry, review: Old Time Sailors

The Old Time Sailors, Rialto Plaza, Coventry, October 2 only.

By Margaret Mather

From the first pluck of a mandolin to the last strains of a fiddle, this show had everyone clapping, stamping their feet, dancing and joining in with the songs. It was fast, furious, exhausting and hugely entertaining.

The stage was set out like the inside of an 1840s' sailing ship and all the crew were in the authentic dress of the period. One of the sailors handed out a newspaper to the audience and inside The Sunday Sailor were the words to all the songs and dance moves to the jigs and polkas coming up, encouraging the audience to sing and dance along to the band. It was a thick newspaper!

The show started at a furious pace. Nineteen crew members, playing various instruments, took you on an unforgettable voyage, and their musicianship was second to none. Song after song was played, with no break in between. It was difficult to follow the words as they were singing so fast and no sooner had they finished an up-tempo version of The Wild Rover, it was straight into Whiskey Makes Me Crazy. They sang the fastest version of It’s A Long Way To Tipperary I have ever heard.

It was an extremely entertaining night performed by talented musicians and singers. The whole show lasted three and a half hours with two well-deserved breaks.

The crowd was enthralled by the sheer vitality and professionalism of the night and on the journey home I found myself singing, at a slower pace, the words to Irish Rover.

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1 Comment

May 26

This band is phenomenal!!!

We’ve just seen them at Club Fest and they we’re ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!

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