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Queenz - Funny, Frantic and Fab-u-lus.

Queenz. Photo courtesy of the Belgrade Theatre.

QUEENZ: The Show with Balls! At the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, from 3 – 5 April.

Review by Margaret Mather

If you worry about world peace, and the weather is getting you down, this show is a must. It lifts the spirits and makes you forget everything that’s going on outside the theatre. Two and a half hours of humour, sequins, and iconic songs.

The show kicks off with a mind-blowing, glitzy extravaganza of sparkle and light. Five talented performers belt out a rendition of Queen of the Night. The audience loved it, clapping and screaming as the girls strutted their stuff, reminiscent of a Beatles concert I went to in the 60s.

Queenz got them dancing in the aisles. Photo courtesy of the Belgrade Theatre.

The girls in question were, Billy Eyelash (Craig Colley), Dior Montay (Mark McCredie), Candy Caned (Joshua Pearson), Zeze Van Cartier (Jonathon Hands) and Summer Storm (Alexander Gage). They were all beautifully dressed with amazing voices, fantastic hair and make-up, with figures to die for.

The second song of the night was Proud Mary, and boy oh boy did they do Tina Turner proud. How they can sing and dance with such exertion and still stay upright in the highest of high heels, I’ll never know. Thereafter followed hit after glorious hit. Spice Girls medley, I Will Survive, Raining Men, Dance with Somebody, and many, many more.

The Fabulous Queenz. Photo courtesy of the Belgrade Theatre.

The songs were interspersed by some crowd participation, and rude, but funny jokes. The audience was invited to dance and sing along, and they did, enjoying every fun-filled second. Cameras were allowed, and many people took advantage by filming the whole show.

All too soon the show came to an end, but the energy stayed with me long into the night.

Dazzling show by sublime entertainers, a must-see.

You can find out more at :  Booking Office: 02476 553055


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