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Priory Theatre launch their new website

There’s a brand-new look to the Priory Theatre’s website, making it easier and more accessible to everyone who uses it. Whether you’ve viewing it on your mobile, your PC, tablet or laptop, the newly designed website will make your visit a smooth, easy and enjoyable experience.

Just as the team at The Priory were delighted with the work and changes made to the Foyer of the theatre, they are equally delighted that the online side of their theatre is now neatly branded with its own colour scheme, fonts and the familiar logo of the monk.

The new website was launched on the 19 January 2023, and the team have worked together to bring lots of archived historical material to the fore, where it can be easily accessed for anyone interested in reading up on how The Priory all started – 90 years of history!

There are videos, past productions to recall, forthcoming shows and so much fascinating information which can be simply accessed. Importantly, finding the performance you want and booking tickets has all been made easy for all ages and abilities.

Ben Sidaway who is involved in the technical and marketing side of The Priory said, “The previous website had been designed in 2012, and was in desperate need of updating. Our new website makes it quicker to book tickets; easier to find what our audiences need; includes lots more information about our venue and history plus it now works great on mobile phones too.

“We’re really proud of the way it looks and hope it helps makes theatre more accessible for both our more modern audiences using mobile devices and also those who may struggle to use technology and complicated sites.”


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