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Miniatura Show a Big Success!

Miniatura's Andy Hopwood welcomes visitors to the show. Photo © Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Miniatura Show, Stoneleigh NAEC 30 Sept – 1 Oct.

Review by Ann Evans

It was another fabulous Miniatura Show at the weekend – the big show full of tiny works of art made by the very best of craftspeople, celebrating the hobby of dolls house miniatures.

Since 1983, Miniatura has been running its Spring and Autumn Shows and they just get better and better. For organiser Andy Hopwood, it’s all about the quality of the exhibitors’ work so that visitors will know they are getting genuine quality items from makers who are passionate about what they do.

The Miniatura hall at Stonleigh NAEC. Photo © Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

This year there were just over 100 exhibitors, hand crafting everything from original miniature framed oil paintings – some being replicas of famous works of art, to hand woven wicker chairs and picnic hampers; there were all scales of miniatures from 1:12 to 1:48 and even smaller; and every kind of item imaginable: exquisite hats, accessories and dresses for porcelain dolls; hand crafted miniature hallmarked silver items; lamps and glassware, pottery made in the same traditional manner as full sized pots; fabulous furniture, food that looks good enough to eat; plants. fantasy characters, scaled dolls from different periods of history - the list is endless. Newcomers to the show are genuinely stunned by this world of miniatures. Old hands can't wait for the doors to open at 10am to dash in and see their favourite makers again.

Finding those little accessories for their dolls' houses. Photo © Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

There were naturally plenty of dolls houses to choose from for anyone wanting to start a new project, scales ranging from 1:12 again down to 1:48 and smaller. The style of houses covered everything from country cottages to magnificent mansions and from castles and fairy tree houses to room boxes – so no need to even own a dolls house.

As well as over 100 stands to browse, the show had a number of fantastic private dolls houses brought along by guests, including Kitten Von Mew’s mysterious steampunk house; Dee Dale’s motorbike house with it’s secret room and other surprises! While newcomer to the show, Graham Bolton brought along a display of his room boxes, each one different but all with the theme of looking at the grittier side of life!

A one-to-one workshop with Kitten Von Mew. Photo © Rob Tysall Pro Photography.

Additionally, there were workshops, demonstrations and talks running throughout the weekend; and lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends, chat to miniaturists, and to purchase anything from a tiny wooden rolling pin to a Georgian mansion.

Miniatura’s next show is on 16 and 17 March 2024.


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