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Midwinter Warmer

Photo by Hannah Pierce

Orchestra of the Swan, Drapers Hall, Coventry.

Review by Anne Callan

Whether you’d like to go on a fairy tale with The Pogues or drop in to the Little Town of Bethlehem, Orchestra of the Swan can take you there, via a few twists and turns of their own. On 9th December, at the lovely Draper’s Hall, Coventry, the 11 strong ensemble wound their way through the ages, inviting all in attendance to share in their genuinely warm, musical community. It was a delight to be present, to be led by the hand, on this lovely trip through a winter themed selection of folk, carols and classical.

The violins were divine throughout the evening with some outstanding performances by lead David Le Page. And the cellos and bass had the chance to shine in the early pieces before creating space for some magical harp and innovative percussion later on.

It was my first encounter with Orchestra of the Swan but I’m sure it’s the first of many - I’ve already got my eye on their concert in Warwick Hall, Warwick on Thursday 12th January and perhaps the following week too at Stratford Town Hall. Each offering a different programme of pieces, including a welcome opportunity for the clarinet to take centre stage. Perhaps I‘ll see you there or perhaps you’ll be tempted to join Orchestra of the Swan’s almost eight million online audience.


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