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Let Christmas begin, with Scrooge and Tiny Tim

A Christmas Carol, B2 Studio Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, to December 23

By Margaret Mather

Brilliant show performed by one of the country’s finest actors, David Bradley.

From the start, David captivated the audience with his performance of a one-man adaptation of the classic Dickens tale.

His strong, firm voice changed as the story progressed and different accents appeared. From the ghost of Bob Marley to the pitiful voice of Scrooge near to the end, as he realised how cruel he had been.

David’s diction was clear and a treat to listen to. He had a myriad of voices to hand, each one polished and distinctive. I could visualise every character, such was the power of his performance.

Music and sound effects coming from the haunting voice of acclaimed folk musician and actor, Sophie Crawford, dipped in and out of the play with precise timing. Her voice was exquisite and added warmth to the play.

There was a generous helping of humour throughout and David related it in a charming, light-hearted way.

Atmospheric lighting on stage, delivered just the right amount of ghostly shadows.

The play was an hour and a half long, and David never faltered in his narration of this majestic Christmas classic.

For me, it was the start of the Christmas festivities.

No matter how often I read the book, see the play or watch the film, I am always heartened to see that Tiny Tim survived.

If socially distancing measures need to be implemented place at the time of this event, then tickets will be allocated to those who booked first. All other patrons will be entitled to a full refund or credit.


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