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La Bamba!

Inês Fernandez & Siva Kaneswaran. La Bamba. Photo Credit Twisty.

La Bamba! Playing at the Belgrade Theatre 26 – 30 September.

Preview by Arabella Neville-Rolfe

La Bamba! Is an explosive new musical directed by Ray Roderick with choreography by Graziano Di Prima (Strictly Come Dancing) and Erica Da Silva. The cast includes Strictly Come Dancing’s Pasha Kovalev and The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran.

La Bamba! tells the story of how the power of music can transform a generation and celebrate a community. La Bamba! is a jaw-dropping new musical that combines Latin, R&B, and timeless rock and pop to tell the ultimate feel-good story of a young girl with a big voice, big dreams, and an even bigger heart.

Sofia, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles, has music in her blood. From the moment her father handed her a guitar, her dream was to become a superstar. Inspired by her musical heroes and with the help of her family, Sofia discovers that even the longest journey begins with a single step. As she mixes the music from her roots with the music in her heart, Sofia dreams of bringing together a community that has never felt more divided.

Strictly Come Dancing champion Pasha Kovalev and The Wanted star Siva Kaneswaran will make their musical theatre debuts in the roles of Ricardo and Mateo respectively. They will be joined by rising star Inês Fernandez in the lead role of Sofia.

Pasha Kovalev. La Bamba. Photo credit Twisty.

The full company includes Bethan Mitchell, Stefani Ariza, Julia Ruiz Fernandez, Nicolle Matheu, Gabriella Rose-Marchant, Alex Sturman, Tristan Ghostkeeper and Luke Jarvis.

La Bamba! is directed by multi-award-winning American director Ray Roderick, and features choreography by Graziano Di Prima (Strictly Come Dancing), Erica Da Silva and associate choreography by Giada Lini.

This brand-new musical will feature music from across the Latin genre from traditional folk songs to recent chart-topping hits all arranged by award-winning musical maestro, Alfonso Casado-Trigo. La Bamba! features an electric soundtrack of Latin pop anthems.

Tickets on sale now for the fiesta of a lifetime!:


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