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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar rehearsal. Nigel Barrett. Photos by Marc Brenner © RSC

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon. 18 March to 8 April


Shakespeare's political thriller tells the story of the conspiracy against Caesar, his assassination and the defeat of his conspirators. Shakespeare fans will already know the plot and many people will have studied the play in great detail in school and university days – but where better to see this classic story performed than at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Julius Caesar rehearsal .L-R Robert Jackson, Nigel Barrett, Kelly Gough, Tom Kanji, Photos by Marc Brenner © RSC

For anyone needing to brush up on the plot, it tells of Julius Caesar returning to Rome triumphant from the war against Pompey. The Roman republic is prepared to heap him with new honours, causing concern and dismay among some senators who fear that too much power is held by one man.

Caius Cassius plots a conspiracy to murder Caesar, enlisting the support of the well-respected Marcus Brutus. However, Brutus has misgivings but is persuaded that Caesar's death is necessary for the good of the republic. Caesar is stabbed to death at the senate house on the Ides of March.

Julius Caesar rehearsal. Jimena Larraguivel (Calpurnia.) Photos by Marc Brenner © RSC

At Caesar's funeral Brutus addresses the people and successfully explains the conspirators' motives. However, Mark Antony speaks next and turns the mob against the conspirators, who are forced to flee from Rome.

Mark Antony and Caesar's nephew, Octavius, take command of Rome and lead an army against the conspirators. Brutus and Cassius are defeated at Philippi where they kill themselves rather than be captured.

Julius Caesar is played by Nigel Barrett; Mark Antony is played by William Robinson who makes his debut appearance at the RSC in this role.

Julius Caesar rehearsal. Atri Banerjee, Director. Photos by Marc Brenner © RSC

The play is directed by Atri Banerjee who was listed in The Stage 25 as one to watch in 2022 and previously won Best Director at The Stage Debut Awards in 2019. This is the first show he has directed for the RSC.

Visit the RSC website for tickets, times and other tour dates of Julius Caesar.


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