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Hot Brown Honey - The Remix

Hot Brown Honey – The Remix, playing at the Belgrade B2, 13 – 17 June.


Hot Brown Honey: The Remix – the fiery, feminist, global majority, mash-up of hip-hop, dance, circus, comedy, poetry and song will play in the B2 Auditorium at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry from 13 – 17 June, with a press night on 13 June.

Steeped in the Word of The Mother and packing a punch of Hip Hop politics, Hot Brown Honey features a stellar posse of phenomenal Global Majority and World First Nations women smashing stereotypes in an unapologetic celebration of our similarities and differences.

Equal parts theatrical spectacular and social activism, Hot Brown Honey have sold out shows all over the world, from Sydney Opera House to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Skirball Centre New York to Southbank Centre London. They are also the winners of multiple awards around the globe, including the Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation and Playing with Form (2016), Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret (2017) and many more.

Hot Brown Honey is more than just a show, it pushes theatrical boundaries and creates opportunities for discussion.

Busty Beatz, the show’s Co-Creator said, “The Arts have the capacity to shift culture and we are living in a time where the paradigm is shifting enormously. We live in a culture that needs change urgently. This is how we make change.”

Lisa Fa’alafi, the show’s other Co-Creator, added, “We really do believe ‘You cannot be what you cannot see’ so we are putting more brown faces on stage and in the process shining a light on phenomenal talent and asking you to join our revolution.”

The current touring cast features a host of powerful and talented women including Lisa Fa’alafi aka The Game Changer and Hot Brown Honey Co-Creator, Hope Haami aka Hope One The Beatboxer, Alinta McGrady aka The Badass Mother, Lilikoi Kaos aka The Wave Maker, Mayu Muto aka The Gravity Defier and Ofa Fotu aka The Myth Slayer as a guest in the role of The Queen Bee whilst Hot Brown Honey Co-Creator Busty Beatz is recovering from Cancer treatment.

So, get ready to laugh until you cry, clap until your hands bleed, dance in the aisles and shake every part of what your mama gave you. It’s time to: Make Noise!


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