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Hey presto, Jester produces the magic!

Jester Styles, Assembly Festival Garden, Little Park Street, Coventry, July 27 -Aug 2

By Chrissie Cooper

Taking my two boys, aged 10 and 7 to see the Coventry born-and-bred Jester Styles perform his magic show, I had high hopes for the promised magic, mystery and mischief.

It certainly did deliver all three, and we left with two happy and entertained children (and a husband that had been asked on stage to participate in the magic - and mischief!)

Located within Assembly Garden, the Piccolo theatre is a small and cosy space which added to the friendly atmosphere of the show. Even the overhead thunder storm outside didn’t dampen the excitement!

We saw brilliant tricks, mind-boggling magic and even took an oath not to share anything we may have been taught!

From performing the moves he had to learn for his Magic Circle Exams, to some trickery involving Rubik’s cubes and Batman, we were entertained from start to finish by Jester.

This interactive and amusing show is a great outing for all the family, with references to favourite superheroes for the children and confusing tricks to entertain the adults! Well worth a visit.

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*This review is of the Jester Styles magic show which is aimed at a family audience. The performer also stars in Sent to Coventry at the same venue which is geared to an adult audience.


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