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From Sketch to Street

Clay Land Rover Defender. Photo courtesy of the BMM.


The British Motor Museum is to open a new, groundbreaking exhibition. ‘From Sketch to Street’ will open to the public on 19 July and will run until April 2025.  This unique feature exhibition explores the art and engineering involved in historic British car design, while inspiring hope for the industry’s future.

From Sketch to Street will showcase the creative and technical processes behind iconic and innovative vehicles across Britain's motor manufacturing past through five key themes: interior design, exterior design, functional design, materials, and trim. Visitors will be able to unpick the processes and people behind the cars and see how their own design ideas could shape the future.

Highlights of the exhibition include designers’ initial sketches, items on loan from luxury car brands and even a highly anticipated modern clay model.  There will be hands-on interactives, inviting visitors to solve design problems or think about what would matter to them when designing a car. This all comes together to form a memorable opportunity to discover the artistic and engineering visions that bring together beauty and function.

New exhibition at the British Motor Museum. Image courtesy of the BMM.

Cat Boxall, Curator at the British Motor Museum said, "We are thrilled to bring this unique and groundbreaking exhibition to the Museum. It will celebrate the rich history of car design and look at the innovative and creative spirit that continues to drive the industry forward. We look forward to seeing what our visitors think as they join us on this fascinating journey and uncover the treasures of this new exhibition.”

Access to the exhibition is included with standard Museum admission tickets. Full details are on the website:


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