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Enjoy the Craic with the Choir of Man

The Choir of Man, extended until Sept 19 by popular demand, Assembly Festival Garden, Coventry By Barbara Goulden (Photo: Chris Cann)

The nine-strong Choir of Man has proved so popular with local and visiting audiences that the run has been extended until September 19th.

For tickets visit: Coventry's much-delayed City of Culture finally stepped on the accelerator on Friday with the launch of the astonishing Assembly Festival Garden that has suddenly sprung up opposite The Council House. The new garden has fake grass and a magnificent art-deco marquee.

You could hardly call it a tent as it seats up to1,000 on two mirrored floors and even has its own name, The Queen of Flanders. Where has it come from? Belgium apparently and is pitched at locations all over the world, including the Edinburgh Festival. But when the nine-strong Choir of Man took to the stage, they turned the grand location into a traditional Irish pub and invited us all to join them for a great night of song and dance with free beer for closer members of the audience. All members of this knockabout nine-strong choir look like they'd normally be the leads in

a West End musical. Perhaps they were before lockdown....but they were clearly delighted to be sent to Coventry and soon struck up a rapport with the audience. "It's the first time we've had an audience in 18 months - is that the best you can Looks like they should do!" quipped one of the choir to a joker in the crowd - perhaps someone who'd missed out on the free beer. Either way it wasn't long before the wooden floor was thumping with appreciative roars as these multi-talented close harmony singers were tap-dancing on the bar as they effortlessly switched from Irish ballads to pop, rock and classic Broadway hits. Yes, your grandmother would love it. But I rather suspect you will too.

Cindy Mahan, of Spokane in Washington State, USA, caught the show while visiting family in Coventry. She writes: I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show. The men were all extremely talented, the music was incredible, and the crowd participation made the evening entertaining. It's the first live show I've attended since Covid lockdowns started, and it did not disappoint!

Tickets from or on 0131 623 3033.

visit the Coventry City of Culture website www.Coventry2021.


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