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Don't Dress for Dinner

The cast of Don't Dress for Dinner

Don’t Dress for Dinner, The Talisman Theatre, Kenilworth, from 22 to 27 May.

Preview by Sharon Sully.

Mistresses, mistaken identity and secret lovers serve up the ultimate recipe for laughter in Don’t Dress for Dinner at the Talisman Theatre.

The drinks are poured, the sauce velouté is prepared and all that needs to happen now is for the cast of Don’t Dress for Dinner to remember who’s supposed to be going to be bed with whom! The Talisman Theatre, based in Barrow Road in Kenilworth, are all set to take to the mainstage with their next production, Don’t Dress for Dinner. This hilarious farce, written by Marc Camoletti and adapted for the stage by Robin Hawdon will take to The Talisman Theatre’s mainstage on Monday 22 May.

This fast-paced Boulevard comedy is set to take audiences by storm with its witty humour and farcical plot. This classic play is a must-see for local theatre goers and promises a night of laughter and entertainment.

The play centres around Bernard (played by Paul Sully), a man who plans a secret meet up with his Parisian mistress Suzanne, (Paige Phelps), whilst his wife Jacqueline (Kim Arnold) is supposed to be visiting her mother for the weekend. As a cover story he has invited his friend Robert (Jack Sargent) to be his alibi. A Cordon Bleu chef, Suzette (Sharon Sully) is on her way to serve up gourmet delights for the evening. Once the guests arrive, chaos, confusion and comedy collide as a hilarious web of ever-changing cover stories culminates in a chaotic (and revealing) finale.

Directed by the Talisman Theatre’s own Artistic Director Steve Smith, who commented, “As a lifelong lover of France and all things French, I only had to read the first few pages of the script of Don’t Dress for Dinner to know that I really wanted to direct it. This promises to be a fast-paced farce that will keep audiences entertained the whole way through with the cast’s comedic timing and high energy.”

The set design, by the talented John Ellam, beautifully captures the essence of the French countryside and adds to the whole ambience of the play. Don’t Dress For Dinner is a classic farce that has delighted audiences for decades. This new production promises to deliver all the laughs and excitement that audiences have come to expect from this beloved comedy.

Don’t Dress for Dinner runs from Monday 22 May to Saturday 27 May. For tickets go to: or call the Box Office on 01926 856548.


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