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Catch these great shows while there's still time

The magnificent Queen of Flanders "spiegeltent" - which has provided a summer hub at the heart of Coventry's City of Culture events - may not be up for much longer.

But there's still time to see the jaw-dropping physical feats of circus Circolumbia (pictured above) with live music straight from the streets of Bogota - not to mention the comedy, circus, magic, music and so much else that's been happening in all the other venues that sprang up in the grassed enclosure opposite the Council House.

The grass is artificial. But there's certainly nothing fake about the acrobatics going on inside the main tent until September 19.

Another big hit for visitors from both home and abroad has been the Choir of Man, the ultimate pub gig combining Irish folk with West End hits and free pints of beer.

Fans of elementarywhat' already know of some people who's seen the act two or even three times. No suprise that the nine-strong close harmony group have been asked to transfer their act to London's West End.

Catch them in Coventry while you can.

Other great acts and shows will continue to pop up during the rest of the City of Culture year which started late and so will certainly carry on until at least May. Christmas might just be awesome!

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