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Boudica, the Warrior Queen

Boudica by Tristan Bernays, Directed by Elizabeth Morris, at The Loft Theatre, Leamington Spa, from Wednesday 7 June to Saturday 17 June.


"Boudica, the warrior queen, is out for revenge. She will have blood. She will make Rome quake with fear."

The Loft Theatre is proud to present Boudica as its next main stage production, opening on 7 June 2023.

About Boudica: AD 61, Britannia. On the furthest outreaches of the Roman Empire – at the very edge of the known world – rebellion is brewing.

The King of the Iceni has died and his widow, Boudica, has tried to claim her rightful throne. For her insolence in defying Rome, the queen has been flogged, her daughters have been raped, and they have been banished from their homeland. But now, Queen Boudica has returned. And this time she has an army…

This is an epic ancient-history play in verse, and tells the story of one of Britain’s most iconic women: a queen, a rebel and a mighty warrior.

Director, Elizabeth Morris, says: "The Shakespearian pentameter of Boudica gives today's language a beautiful sense of poetry whilst the topics it covers are anything but poetic. Its underlying themes have had us reflecting upon so many poignant issues in modern day society; from ongoing wars raging around the world, to Brexit, the 'Me Too' movement and discussions on women's rights, this play could be interpreted as examining them all. I am excited to present Boudica in all its poetic and brutal glory."

For more information and tickets, please call the Box Office on 01926 830860, or visit:


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