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Big Love for Fleetingwood Mac

Fleetingwood Mac. Photo © David Court.

Fleetingwood Mac, HMV Empire, 23 September 2023

Review by David Court

With the actual Fleetwood Mac having broken up and reformed more times than can comfortably be counted, it’s arguable whether audiences will be able to see them again – especially with the sad death of Christine McVie in 2022. In lieu of the actual thing, there are no shortage of tribute acts – unsurprising for such a groundbreaking band with such an amazing back catalogue.

Fleetingwood Mac are such an act, and a Saturday evening in September saw them take the big stage at the HMV Empire. Alarm bells may have rung to see a five piece with four men and a woman rather than the classic line-up of three and two, but I needn’t have worried. These are a group more interested in capturing the classic sound of the rock band rather than recreating the essence through fancy dress and mimicry, and it’s something they pull off with aplomb.

It’s a show of two halves played out to a packed audience, and it’s – as you’d expect – a whistlestop tour through the greatest hits of the band. There’s no denying the incredible musical talent of all of the band members from this 2015 Portsmouth formed band, but special mention has to go to lead singer Leonie – who joined the band in 2021 – and her incredible showmanship and vocal range (who complimented both the venue’s treatment of musicians and the availability of last minute hairdressers in our fine city).

Fleetingwood Mac on stage at Coventry's HMV Empire. Photo © David Court.

Even the most stubborn of traditionalists couldn’t have helped but be swayed by the bands enthusiasm and sound, and it was an evening of many highlights – including an emotional rendition of Landslide and a phenomenal cover of The Chain. They walked off stage to rapturous applause from an audience in good spirits with tired dancing feet. All in all, thoroughly recommended.

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