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Actors and Volunteers Needed for Glorious!

If you’ve a passion for acting and the theatre, then why not consider auditioning for one of six super parts on offer in ‘Glorious!’ by Peter Quilter – a charming and funny play planned for The Bear Pit Theatre in 2024.

Artistic Director, David Mears explained what the play is all about. He said, “It’s described variously by the critics as “a hilarious and heart-warming comedy”, “a lunatically funny comedy” and “an affectionate tribute to a 22-carat eccentric”. Glorious! is set in 1940s New York, and follows the extraordinary performing career of Florence Foster Jenkins, “the worst singer in the world”, an enthusiastic soprano whose pitch was far from perfect, but who was the performer that everyone wanted to see live.

“This delusional and joyously happy woman paid little attention to her critics as she warbled and screeched her way through the evening to an audience who mostly fell about with laughter.

“At the start of the play, “Madame” Jenkins is interviewing her new pianist Cosme. As the play progresses, we follow her through a recording studio session, an annual charity ball and finally to her sell-out concert at Carnegie Hall.

“The show premiered at Birmingham Repertory Theatre followed by a UK tour and into the West End. The inimitable Maureen Lipman created the central role.”

David added that all of the characters in the play are eccentric, one way or another, and should be a joy to rehearse and perform. They are:

FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS – an eccentric American lady 60s/70s COSME McMOON – a slightly fey pianist, early 30s ST CLAIR – Florence’s English boyfriend, a “resting” flamboyant actor, 60s DOROTHY – Florence’s American friend, eccentric, 60s MARIA – Florence and St Clair’s Mexican fiery cook/maid – speaks mainly Spanish MRS VERRINDER-GEDGE – an American lady (critic of Florence), late middle-age A preliminary reading took place a couple of weeks ago at the Bear Pit in Stratford-upon-Avon, with the next reading planned for Monday 3 July. Phil Beeson, Director, explains how the evening will go.

He said, “I will conduct a mini ‘workshop’ for actresses wishing to be considered for the role of Florence from 7pm to 8pm on 3 July. (If 7pm is a bit challenging, get there when you can!) I have a piano recording of Adele’s ‘Laughing Song’ from Die Fledermaus and we will use this on the night. Whilst it will undoubtedly be useful to have a “working knowledge” of this well-known tune, please don’t stress about being well-prepared.”

The song can be easily found on Youtube., search: Meryl Streep Laughing Song.

He continued, “We will have a few sing-throughs together, then spend a short time individually to explore your potential to sing badly – in a good way! At 8pm we’ll begin a conventional casting reading for all 6 characters (so unless you’re a potential Florence, you don’t need to arrive until then).

“We will concentrate on the beginning of the play for all characters except for Dorothy and Mrs Johnson. If you want to familiarise yourself a little with these four characters (it isn’t necessary to do so), then you can access a ‘preview’ excerpt of the beginning of the play at Search for the play Glorious, then select ‘Get the Script’, then click on ‘Preview’ underneath the illustration of the script cover. It’s free!!”

Please visit the website for more details and to register your interest.


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