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Rugby Theatre review: A View from the Bridge

A View from the Bridge, Rugby Theatre, to Feb 29.

Arthur Miller’s renowned social play was first performed in America in 1956. But 64 years later, the underlying messages are as powerful and relevant as ever.

The drama, apparently based on a true story, revolves around five characters in an Italian slum neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York. It starts on a hot summer’s evening as we are introduced to what appears to be an ordinary, close knit, Italian-American family, the Carbones. But as the play progresses, it becomes apparent that Brooklyn longshoreman Eddie's (Robert Sloan) desire for his 17-year-old niece Catherine (Daisy Jones) is certain to cause problems. Eddie and his wife Beatrice (Nelle Cross) are joined by her two cousins from Sicily, brothers Marco (Gareth Cooper) and Rodolpho (Christopher Allen-Mason).

The domestic tragedy unfolds around the gradual revelation that Eddie has many reasons to despise Rodolpho: He has blond hair, sings in a high voice, is not a real man in Eddie's eyes, and worst of all, he is an illegal immigrant and is stealing Catherine just to get a passport.

And when Catherine reveals that she intends to marry him, Eddie sets out to take his revenge. With strong performances from all members of the cast, this play echoes the format of a classical Greek tragedy, where the main protagonist is propelled helplessly towards his fate, and nothing can be done to alter it. For tickets go to:

Pictured: Eddie Carbone, played by Rob Sloan (left); his wife Beatrice, played by Nikki Cross, and Rodolpho, played by Chris Allen-Mason.

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