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Belgrade review: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joyous is the word I’d use to describe this uplifting show. The musical has been around since 1968 and I’m ashamed to say, until tonight, I’d never seen it. Now, I ask myself, why? After an opening song by talented singer and narrator (Charlotte-Kate Warren) Joseph and his brothers burst on to the stage in an energetic and lively performance. Thereafter followed a fun-filled, perfect performance by the entire cast. Joseph, played by Mark McMullan, finalist in last year’s Britain’s Got Talent, gave an outstanding performance. His voice was powerful and a joy to listen to. The story of Joseph is well known, he was his father’s favourite and because of that his brothers despised him, his coat of many colours was the last straw. They sold him to an Egyptian. Jacob (Henry Metcalfe) played his part well as did all of his other sons. Hugely talented and full of vitality, they entertained the audience throughout the show. The funniest bit for me was when the Pharaoh dressed as Elvis (Henry Lawes) burst on to the stage looking for an answer to his dream. He looked like Elvis, sang like Elvis and even talked like Elvis. Wearing an all-in-one rhinestone jump suit complete with Egyptian hieroglyphics, he wowed the audience. The children in the choir played their parts to perfection and I heard a couple of loud cheers from behind when they sang. Proud mums and dads, I expect. The sets and costumes were phenomenal as was the whole show. A brilliant production and well worth a visit. My granddaughter and I drove all the way home singing Go, Go, Go Joseph.

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