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Albany Theatre review: The Snow Queen

From start to finish, Hattie and Alice were totally transfixed by The Snow Queen.

The dazzling light show and dry ice opening, followed by the wizard addressing us from a towering platform got the show off to a super start and the pace did not let up.

The members of the Ceridwen Theatre Company performed with enthusiasm and great elan. From the moment Gerda and Kai step on stage (played with gusto by Nadia Devereux and Joshua Poole) the fun never stopped.

And, the children were transfixed by the high quality bwahaha and devilment of the Snow Queen, Helena Devereux.

The were lot of moments to get involved with the classic panto fun, “he’s behind you!” as well as an opportunity to play a bit of catch with Jack Frost!

And, to depart and hear grown ups saying "I never realised the Yeti and the father were played by the same bloke" is always a sign that belief has been suspended for a glorious hour and a half.

And, as is often the case with Coventry's cultural offer, it's a joy to see members of the local community there supporting their families. I bumped into many old friends who were there to support their dancing teens and children.

The performance of the local youngsters was exceptional and the tiny trolls were outstanding!

Hattie chipped in "My favourite character was the Snow Queen and the Yeti; I like the Snow Queen because she was a brilliant actor and I was watching her all night!"

Alice responded "It was really, really, really good, the yeti was great and made me laugh. The show was funny and I really enjoyed - 10 out of 10!!

There is still plenty of time to go and see the Snow Queen, so do try to get along for an exceptionally "ice" experience.

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