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Civic Hall, Bedworth, Review: Beauty and the Beast

It was everything you would expect from a show and more. Superb acting, fabulous singing, sparkly costumes, beautiful stage sets and an abundance of audience participation.

The evil witch, Malabelle ,( Lori McLare),cackled her way through lots of boos but still manages to put a spell on the Prince,(Adam Braidly), turning him into a beast. Rose, who is also known as Beauty, (Lizzie Sheard) was the only one who could save him. Outstanding acting and singing by all three.

Madame Mavis de Pamplemouse ,(Anthony Williamson), was very funny and the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ song, was brilliant. Children and adults alike, including myself, sang and danced to the hilarious words on the screen.

Ethan Bradshaw as Felix the French poodle,made everyone laugh with his antics and Jas Nisic gave a very strong performance as Capucine.

Oblivious to the next part of the show, the audience were lulled into a false sense of security. Suddenly, cast members, water pistols in hand, ran up and down the aisles squirting water at everyone to screams, and shrieks of laughter.

All of the actors, dancers and singers are very talented and made the panto an absolute delight to watch.

Top marks must go to writer, Ben Crocker and director Tim Norton for such a funny and enjoyable show.

If you’re planning to see a panto this Christmas, make sure it’s this one.

Oh yes you will.

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