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Belgrade Theatre review: Dangerous Obsession

Dangerous Obsession, Belgrade, Coventry, to Oct 12.

Feelings of imprisonment were mutual as the Belgrade audience witnessed a performance which failed to get into gear.

The psychological thriller started off at a meandering, plodding pace, which it maintained throughout. Pretty much all of the action (where there was any) happened in the middle of the stage as the three actors failed to make effective use of the space available to them, and their low energy meant that at times it felt as if the audience had stumbled into a rehearsal session.

The script was outdated and tired, there was a lack of ambition to the production, poor attention to detail, and minimal on-stage chemistry which bordered on parody at times.

Even the flashpoints in the script fizzled and expired in an instant.

It very much felt like a production out of touch with modern times and while some may enjoy the traditional nature of the performance, the majority may find their minds wandering long before the play reaches its rather anticlimactic conclusion.

For tickets, call the box office on 02476 553055.

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