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Warwick Arts Centre: Live screening review

Everybody's Talking About Jamie, Warwick Arts Centre live screening, Sept 26 only.

If you want to see this hit musical, you'll have to book seats at The Apollo Theatre in London's West End. It was screened live for one night only at the Arts Centre.

It's a truly feel-good show, inspired by a true story about a 16-year-old, and one calculated to attract the attention of not only teenagers and parents, but former careers advisers like me.

I spotted at least three former colleagues in the audience, and all of us laughed at the psychometric tests offered to teenagers trying to make difficult life choices about job opportunities. When the tests get it wrong, they really get it wrong.

In the case of Jamie, brilliantly played by John McCrea, it was suggested he might like to consider fork-lift truck driving, or becoming a prison guard.

What Jamie really wants is to be a drag queen.

This pulsatingly brilliant show is based on the real life of a boy who sometimes likes to be a girl.

I defy any parent not to be moved by the story of Jamie and his supportive mother (Josie Walker.).

The choreography, the comedy, the band silhouetted on an upper level...this is a remarkable show, and one well worth getting to the West End to see.

It's great to see live screenings of West End hits for those who can't make it to London. Elsewhere in Coventry cinemas and theatres they have been showing James Corden in One Man, Two Guvnors. If you're quick Showcase at Walsgrave is offering another chance to see that show on Sunday (Sept 29).

But for the moment, for Jamie, it's just London. Perhaps the Arts Centre can do a re-run.

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