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Belgrade Theatre review: Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever, Belgrade, Coventry, to Sept 21. Disco lights flashed, glitter balls twirled, and amazing dancers brought the show to life. The opening scene was electrifying and oozes energy. Casualty star Richard Winsor plays lead character, Tony Manero, who tries to leave his working class Brooklyn life behind for a career in dancing. Richard has all the moves needed to follow in John Travolta's famous footsteps and brings energy and a sense of humour to the role. Olivia Fines as Stephanie Mungano, plays her part to perfection - never missing a step, and singing beautifully. Full marks also to the rest of the superb cast and for the brilliant stage sets. The 70s' fashions fill the stage, with tight fitting, high-waisted, flares complemented by flowery shirts and topped with a waistcoat and jacket. And that's just the men. For the ladies it's colourful mini skirts and dresses with knee-high boots or platform shoes. Anyone who was part of the disco scene of the time will know what I mean. And who could forget the Bee Gees and their music?

The audience sang and clapped along to Jake Byrom,Danny Knott and James Kenneth Haughan as they performed excellently, and at the end of the show, everyone was up, dancing in the aisles and singing along to Saturday Night Fever.

It's a show in which the story is less important than the music and the energy of an era, and it's a great night out - well worth a visit.

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