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Albany Theatre review: Sister Act

Sister Act, Albany Theatre, Coventry, to Aug 17 I smiled all the way through this genuinely joyous performance. The acting was fantastic, the singing superb, and the jokes were faultlessly delivered - all in all, a feelgood show, impeccably performed. The play stays true to the original film and follows the plight of Deloris Van Cartier, a nightclub singer, who witnesses a shooting by her gangster boyfriend and decides to testify against him. Witness protection hides her in a convent and after some fiery conversations with the Mother Superior, she ends up teaching the nuns to sing. The relationship between Deloris and the nuns deepens and they become friends. She brings out the best in their singing, and they bring out the best in her. Meanwhile the gangsters hunting Deloris manage to wheedle their way in to the convent, but underestimating the power of the sisterhood, they are overpowered and finally get their comeuppance.

The performances - especially those of the gangsters - were funny and believable, the costumes and scenery excellent, and the toe-tapping songs powerful and beautifully executed.

The last act exploded in a shower of shimmering, sequin-dressed nuns, singing and strutting their stuff - a polished performance by the Wing-it Theatre Production Company. For tickets call 02476 998964 or go to:

Photo: David Fawbert.

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