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This Shrek is a jolly green giant of a hit

Shrek the Musical, Belgrade, Coventry, to May 26.

Most people will fondly remember the Oscar-winning 2001 film which was based on William Steig’s novel. The movie spawned three successful sequels, and this production of the stage play by Coventry Musical Theatre Society.

The infamous green ogre, played by Dan Peet, and Connor Clifford as his wise-cracking sidekick, donkey, are joined by the dysfunctional characters from the original film.

When an assortment of banished fairy-tale characters arrive at his swamp, Shrek decides to visit Lord Farquaad to win their freedom. The fiendish and vertically challenged Lord, played brilliantly by Craig Garner, doesn’t waste much time in recruiting Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona (Emma Wilde) from a tower guarded by a fierce dragon.

Shrek obliges but as he travels back to the faraway kingdom of Duloc with Fiona, he finds himself falling in love with the princess. Needless, to say, the path of true love does not run smoothly, but after several twists and turns, as with most fairy-tales, we are treated to a happy ending.

With great note-perfect performances from all the leads, fantastic sets and costumes (a particularly impressive dragon) and impressive and varied dance routines, this is a wonderful family show which has all the wit and originality of the original movie.

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