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Poptastic clubbing on a wave of 80s hits at the Belgrade

To say that it varied would be an understatement.

From punk to New Romantics, synthesiser pop, ska and many other genres, Club Tropicana features a host of memorable hits which will whisk you back to the decade when Frankie, much to the disgust of the BBC, first told us to ‘Relax’.

The show opens with a split set shared between Olly, a groom with his friends waiting in the church and Lorraine, the bride in her house with her bridesmaids.

As ABC’s top hit ‘The look of love’ booms out from the stage, it becomes apparent that things are not going well for the loving couple and after a cancelled wedding, Olly (Cellen Chugg Jones) and Lorraine (Karina Hind) find themselves in sunny Spain at the hotel Club Tropicana. Enter the effervescent Garry played by X factor winner Joe McElderry who stars as the hotel’s Entertainments Manager.

Aided by the hotel maid Consuela (Kate Robbins) and the hotel managers Serena (Amelle Berrabah of Sugababes' fame) and Robert (Neil McDermott), Garry is hoping to win the award for the best hotel.

The arrival of a suspected hotel inspector, Christine (Camilla Rowland) looks set to extinguish all their hopes of success but inevitably, love wins the day for more than one of the show’s couples.

Club Tropicana is a fast paced, high energy musical comedy with some memorable laugh out loud moments and wonderful impressions from the outstanding Consuela.

The five-piece ‘hotel band’ to the left of the stage do an excellent job of recreating the music of the 80s whilst Joe McElderry’s tremendous vocals demonstrate why he was the 2009 winner of the X factor.

With a strong ensemble cast and non-stop feel good hits, Club Tropicana will leave you feeling that you ‘Just can’t get enough’.

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