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Heartwarming Adventures with Grandad!

Syd’s favourite person in the whole wide world is his Grandad and his feelings are definitely reciprocated. This magical production is based on the book by Benji Davies. There are just two actors, imaginative set, simple props, a few charming glove puppets and some very catchy songs. The show lasts for just 50 minutes but it certainly captured the imagination of the children in the audience. We enjoy watching Syd go through the magical gate at the bottom of his garden to where his Grandad lives. Each weekday they have terrific fun playing at pirates, painting pictures, or eating fish and chips, reading stories or going on train journeys. One day they go through a door in Grandad’s attic and find themselves on a boat on which they cross the ocean to a faraway island which is covered in jungle. Here they explore, have fun and make friends with some of the animals. Grandad is having such a good time that he decides to stay on the island meaning that Syd will have to steer the boat home on his own. Syd knows he is going to miss his favourite person but realises that their exciting times together cannot go on for ever. Nevertheless, the memories will always be there and his Grandad will always be in his heart. Those that are dear to us remain near to us. The production covers the emotional topic of the loss of a grandparent very sensitively. It provides enthralling entertainment to children aged about 5 to 11 but I got the feeling it was equally enjoyed by the moms, dads, grannies and grandads that were there. Certainly there was a tear in the eye of one 68- year- old who was only there to write a review!

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