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Festival organisers scouting for emerging talent

The hunt is on once again for emerging

talent in the Coventry and Warwickshire CV postcode area to take part in what has become the annual Shoot Festival.

Organisers are offering dramatists, dancers, poets, performers, musicians and a host of other creative types the opportunity to showcase their work and talents.

All are invited to make submissions with a view to seeing their work performed next April.

The event was founded in 2014 with the sole aim of promoting and offering support to emerging artists looking for a platform to develop their talents.

The idea is to encourage what festival directors Jennifer Davis and Paul O'Donnell loosely describe as "early career performers".

But we've been assured this does not mean you have to be young! Pensioners may also apply for the opportunity to win an Artist Development Award, worth £1,000.

Successful applicants could perform - or see their work performed - in various venues in Coventry between April 4 and 7 next year.

Submissions must reach the organisers this year. The deadline is 5pm on December 20th.

Backing for the venture comes from the Arts Council England, Theatre Absolute (best known for its performances in Coventry's Shop Front Theatre), The Belgrade, Tin Music and Arts, Coventry Artspace and now the relatively new Coventry City of Culture Trust.

For more information about the festival and where to find application forms visit

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