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A searing rage against injustice tempered by humour

Freeman, Belgrade B2 Auditorium until September 8.

Gripping physical theatre has returned to the Belgrade's studio theatre, still sizzling from its award-winning run at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

While Flashdance from the 1980s is ankle-warming it's way through the main house next door, the gloves are definitely off in B2.

It was last year that artists at the Belgrade first collaborated with Corey Campbell and members of the Birmingham-based Strictly Arts Theatre to explore the links between racism and mental health over the past 200 years. And though that may not sound like a barrel of laughs - and indeed it isn't for most of its tense 45 minutes - I can guarantee it will hold your attention.

Six true stories are told with the help of phrases borrowed from poets like Dylan Thomas "raging against the dying of the light" to singers like Little Richard whipping up a party with Long Tall Sally.

Inventive, highly-charged, stunning is one of those performances that might have benefitted from a programme if only to tell us who's who.

The truly shocking part is that while the first of the interwoven stories is set in the 1800s, the last is based on events that happened only three years ago - and the reality is there will have been many others since.

But this play packs a powerful belly punch. As one online review site has already recorded it's: "A searing rage against injustice with a winning sense of humour."

To be frank, I don't think I could put it any better than that.

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