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Dancers put mesmerising spin on the news

Retold, Coventry Telegraph building, to Saturday, July 14.

Real life Coventry stories are stitched into the choreography for this, the second show based in the old Telegraph building in Corporation Street.

The one hour-15 minute performance is distinct from City Final, performed by the Belgrade's nine youth and community groups, although both go under the collective title Read All About It.

Retold is the work of Mercurial Dance, a professional group who begin by re-creating the urgency of a newsroom - in slightly more lyrical style - before asking for personal stories from members of the audience which they then cleverly interweave into eye-poppingly athletic movement.

Artistic director Oliver Scott sets his dancers the task of being reporters for each night of the show, which means they have to go out and elicit true stories from the bemused members of their audience, who sit at nightclub-style tables wondering what's coming next.

Well, some of the stories could be made up.

But true or false, we have romances, lost cats, appeals for cash, hatches, matches and dispatches (births, marriages and deaths) along with classified ads - all part of any newspaper.

Only instead of a print deadline we have a thrilling dance deadline, all set in the foyer of a newspaper that once turned out 130,000 copies a night and was the first in the country to produce colour images of the 1969 moon landing.

Talented Coventry musician Lucy Anne Sale is crucial to the plot, beginning with a song she'd evidently written for the occasion before proceeding to improvise her keyboard and percussion to accompany the movements of Ashley Jordan, Lewys Holt and Henry Curtis who are partnered by graduate dance performers Laura Hague, Annalise Cowan and Ines Carvalho.

It's a unique evening's entertainment and the dancers' skills are mesmerising.

For information and tickets go to:

NOTE: Retold is one of two shows in the Coventry Telegraph building under the Read All About It banner, the other is City Final which is reviewed separately.

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