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Abseil team raises £15,000 for charity

Early risers caught a glimpse of the ultimate performance art on Friday (July 29) when Coventry Free Radio presenter John Dalziel and City of Culture Trust fundraiser Nicole Malatesta were among some 20 people who abseiled 47 metres down the side of the Friargate office block, near the railway station.

They raised an astonishing £15,000 for the charity Cash for Kids.

Before taking the plunge a nervous Nicole said: "I still can't quite believe I've agreed to this."

City council chief executive Martin Reeves was one of the team joining John and Nicole's abseil to boost the charity which supports children living in poverty, coping with disabilities, and suffering abuse.

The Coventry performance is part of a series of national events but Nicole and John have been assured that all the money raised locally will be used within the West Midlands.

The team made an early start with the first abseilers going over the top from about 6.30am.

To find out more visit Cash for Kids go to

Pictured is Nicole before the event and (right) getting ready to take the plunge

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