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Just the ticket for first class family fun

The Railway Children, Jephson Gardens, July 15, but on national tour.

The audience settle in to the amphitheatre-style auditorium with camping chairs and rugs before pouring themselves a glass of wine and sitting back to enjoy a summer's evening of entertainment.

And the clever staging by Heartbreak Productions of this heartwarming classic tale of Bobbie, Phyllis and Peter Waterbury's desire to help others, together with the enthusiasm of the cast, brings the play to life.

The story is told through the eyes of the eldest child Bobbie: How their father mysteriously disappears, forcing the family to rebuild their lives in the country.

Their new home is idyllic - near a railway station where the children’s love of trains leads them to develop new friendships and provides opportunity for adventure.

Of course there's plenty of adventure in store - and the children’s warm hearts and quick thinking leaves the audience's faith in humanity restored.

During the interval the multi-talented cast members keep the entertainment going by performing live music, and presenting an energetic and witty recap of the first act.

One audience member, Niamh aged six, remarked: "That man works very hard, he must be very tired he plays eight characters". Niamh was referring to Shaun Miller and his excellent portrayal of all the different characters and personalities the children meet on their adventures.

The audience was engaged from start to finish, with opportunities to wave flags, make train noises and even give Mr Perks the station master, a birthday present. There was just the right balance of audience participation and pure theatre, a treat for all ages.

If you can catch it on tour, make sure you practise those train noises…

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