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Would it be loverley? It was!

My Fair Lady, The Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton, until June 9 This is a cherished musical with songs that roll off the tongue. Who doesn’t know I’m Getting Married in the Morning, or Wouldn’t it Be Loverly?

So it was a brave decision by the Nuneaton-based Masqueraders Theatrical Society to present an amateur production - and they did it with style.

Libby Brookes as Eliza Doolittle stole the show. Her powerful voice was exquisite and her acting exceptional. It was a polished performance.

Richard Yates as Professor Higgins was impressive and accomplished, as were Alex Lewis as Colonel Pickering and Colin Udall as Alfred P.Doolittle.

The rest of the cast were well rehearsed and never put a foot wrong even though, at times, they were all on a crowded stage together. Set design and costumes looked authentic and colourful, and the music was played well by a talented orchestra. My only niggle: Occasionally, I struggled to hear some of the actors. It could have been technical difficulties or first night nerves. My Fair Lady is an inspired play and this version, produced and directed by Mike Chappell with musical direction by David Adams, was a worthy production.

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Pictured: Some of the My Fair Lady cast in rehearsal.

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