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Wonderfully horrible history in the making

Although it can be anytime, anywhere, half-terms and long summer holidays are the best times to watch out for any return of the Horrible Histories team.

Hysterical-historical actors Benedict Martin and Pip Chamberlain whizz you through 2,000 years with all the gruesome bits left in while at the same time poking fun at how the 21st century is panning out.

Who knows if the kids learn anything? One thing's for sure - it's the funniest and most memorable history lesson they'll ever have in their lives.

Last week you could find out how to cook dormouse with the Romans, get fashion tips from the Tudors or singalong with Shakespeare.

And the cross between ancient and modern had me howling along with all the youngest members of the audience - especially with music from the Black Eyed Peas and parodies of popular television reality shows like The Only Way Is Essex, Undercover Boss and The Apprentice,

Soberingly, perhaps, an Alan Sugar figure explains "the shambles" that was the Battle of the Somme while the spectre of Brexit provided our two surely exhausted, decade-hopping teachers with the perfect Brexit/Exit rhyme.

A totally brilliant production. Keep a good lookout and book early for any return visits.

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