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Rib-tickler with Fluffy the Bunny

Easter Bunny’s Eggs Factor, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, 13-14 April The Easter Bunny has set up a singing competition to see just who has the ‘eggs factor’ - could it be farmer Marty Mc Donald, Henrietta Hen or possibly the audience? This show is pure panto. Larger than Life Marty Mc Donald looks and sounds very like Justin Fletcher from Cbeebies ‘Something Special’.

In fact my six year old confided in me during the show that “he does Mr Tumble’s voice.” He doesn’t of course, but the resemblance is close enough for the kids to feel they have met a big personality.

It’s a simple to follow formula to the plot, with lots of singing, dancing and all round audience participation. The kids were up in the aisles throughout, enthusiastically supplying the actions to some well known nursery rhymes. Every adult in the audience could predict the end of the show, but that’s not the point. The point is that the predominantly pre-school audience were surprised and entertained throughout.

At the end there’s a chance for the kids to meet Fluffy the Easter Bunny, Mum and Dad can get a snap for social media and there’s a small gift too.

Overall the Honalee Media cast provide cracking good entertainment that will delight anyone under five.

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