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Lift-off for an Easter family treat

Ready Steady Lift Off! Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre, to April 7.

In this, one of a series of fun activities for youngsters this Easter, a trio of frustrated astronauts - who actually work in the space station gift shop - delight three to just about eight-year-olds with lessons on how to walk in space, build their own rockets and generally run around the universe.

Parents and grandparents can join in during the hour-long show, especially with the giant artwork coloured in as part of this trainee space programme.

Every one of the youngsters at the 11am performance I was at was absolutely enthralled, although one of my seven-year-old grandaughters pointed out that some were too shy to dance on the disco planet.

The whole performance hangs on the imagination-expanding wit of the three engaging performers who throw in a bit of Russian speaking and even demonstrate how to use the loo in space - always a winner, that one.

There's a minimum of props - although everyone is supplied with a do-it-yourself spaceship to fly home in.

It's a worthwhile treat that promises to fire up enthusiasm and the ambition.

For tickets go to:

Pippa Walters, aged seven, writes:

I liked this show because they sang a lot. I think up to eight-year-olds would like it. My favourite part was when Anne was waving at us from the other planet and we had to fly there. I also loved it on the disco planet, it was craaaazy!

Ellie Walters, Pippa's twin sister, adds:

I liked it when we had to travel to the planets. My favourite planet was the Planet Bouncy. It was FUN. What I didn't like was when we had to wait for everyone to get in the room.

Pictured right: Pippa and Ellie Walters

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