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Just Beat it to the Belgrade for a Thriller

From the pelvic thrusts to the trademark diamanté glove and iconic moonwalk, this production is fabulous from start to finish.

A glorious evening celebrating all things Michael Jackson with a cast and fantastic band led by Andy Jeffcoat making sure there is plenty to sing and dance about.

A ‘not to be missed show’, even for non-MJ fans.

From the early Motown years of the 70s through to the huge dance blockbusters of the 80s, all the great hits are here – Billie Jean, Bad, Man in the Mirror, Beat it, Smooth Criminal - and more.

The high energy choreography orchestrated by Kevin Heatherson (Dancer and Dance Captain) makes it difficult to sit still.

A cast of terrific vocalists (with particularly notable performances from Britt Quentin and Rory Taylor) and sensational dancers kept us singing along and dancing both in and out of our seats.

He may have been a somewhat controversial figure in the pop world but there is no disputing the popularity and enduring quality of many of MJ’s songs.

Thriller Live was launched in January 2009 at the Lyric Theatre in London only five months before Michael Jackson’s untimely death.

Although the singer’s latter years will be mainly remembered for abuse allegations, addiction problems and one-too-many cosmetic surgery operations, this production lets us remember the diverse talent and ground-breaking showman that some critics choose to forget.

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