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A very good pantomime - oh yes it is!

Jack and the Beanstalk, Albany Theatre Coventry, to Jan 14 This was a very good pantomime. I went with my Brownies we all loved the jokes. There was a joke about buying clouds on eBay. That was my favourite. I loved the tap dancing cow Daisy played by Sam Walton and Laura Wheatley. Slime was the giant's helper. He was played by Paul Sanders. It was cool how every time he came on there was a green spotlight shining on him. Fairy Green Bean, played by Michelle Checklin, had a carrot instead of a wand. That was really funny. I liked how every time the dame came on he was wearing a different costume. The dame was played by Shane Robson. We loved shouting "it's behind you" at the dame. I didn't like how they didn't really stick to the fairy tale in the second half. And I think it was a bit too long. But most of it I really enjoyed.

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