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Ballet is a Christmas cracker

The Nutcracker, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, October 24 only.

This was a delight for the senses: Classical ballet performed by the Russian State Ballet, and Tchaikovsky's music played by a 30-piece live orchestra - excellence that combined to create a magical evening that had the audience captivated.

The Nutcracker is one of the most popular ballets and is perfect for this time of year with its rich and colourful Christmas theme, the magic of toys coming to life, and the story of a young girl's love for her Nutcracker toy soldier who is transformed into a handsome prince. The uncomplicated storyline makes The Nutcracker popular with all ages. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the magical enchantment of fabulous costumes, picturesque settings, evocative music and exquisite dancing. The production is directed and choreographed by the former award winning Bolshoi Ballet soloist, Konstantin Uralsky.

This was the second of the Russian State Ballet's three-night stint at the Belgrade. Tonight (October 25) they perform Romeo and Juliet.

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