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Magical toy story with a difference

Your Toys, Warwick Arts Centre, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24 and 25.

A toy story with a difference is coming to the Arts Centre. Kids can take their favourite toy to the show - and see it take part in the performance.

Turtle Key Arts, one of the UK’s most exciting creative producers, has partnered Slot Machine Theatre to produce Your Toys, an innovative family show that incorporates the children’s toys into the story, as puppets

With a unique style of puppetry, original live music and quirky humour, the show promises to be perfect for children and adults.

It was developed by experimenting with the idea of creating an event that taps into children’s imaginations, and brings to life the world that they only could imagine.

Everyone is invited to hand in their toy at the beginning of the show to see it included in a magical journey.

Your Toys is an accessible show and has worked really well when performed in special education needs schools.

Nick Tigg, one of the artistic directors at Slot Machine Theatre, said: “Having made a number of shows that included puppetry, we were struck by how strongly children and adults relate to these make-believe beings - especially if the object being animated has some relationship with them already.

"Many children imagine their toy going on an adventure, and we loved this idea. We also loved the thought of unlikely characters being thrown together and having to work as a team.”

To make a visit to see the show even more exciting, kids can take their toys to meet the star of the Arts Centre's Christmas Show, Snow Mouse, on October 24 and 25 at 10-11am and 12-2pm.

This is one of the free activities that the Arts Centre's Creative Learning Team has put together as part of STAMP IT, a scheme that allows children to collect points to qualify for a 25 per cent discount on autumn and Christmas shows.

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