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Dramatic, unforgettable and charged with energy

This is not just a show, it's an incredible visual and audible experience that you won't forget in a hurry.

Charge is described as an electrifying dance circus which it is – and so much more.

It's an hour and twenty minutes of brilliant choreography and movement, mind-blowing digital and film special effects, sound and music, drama, dance, imagery and acrobatics that will leave you spellbound as six acrobatic dancers take you through every emotion that life can throw at you.

It's an abstract sensory experience, created by Kevin Finnan, who has long been fascinated by the idea of the human body as an electrical system.

He's also been inspired by thoughts of how our evolution as a species is influenced by how we access and use energy. In his own words he says: “Charge is an incredible collaboration between artists and scientists.”

With total brilliance he and his team have managed to create a show that audiences will love. Charge is all about energy, science, evolution, solar and the human body. At times the music isn't music at all but dramatic and sometimes disturbing sounds of electricity and heartbeats; contorted movements relate to scientific experiments.

But you would be forgiven if you didn't grasp the full meaning of every scene, you really are free to interpret in your own way – or just sit back and be totally entranced as six dancers perform with stamina and grace and daring.

At times the dancers merge with the lighting and collage of film clips producing unbelievably magical imagery as they use the height of the stages along with the backdrop and lighting appearing to be swallowed up and re-born through what you think are solid walls

The show is produced by Motionhouse, a dynamic dance theatre company renowned globally for its powerful dance-circus productions.

Be sure you don't miss this one. Wednesday night was the opening show, and the company well deserved the standing ovation that they received.


Photos by Luka Owen and Martina Bussi.


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